BUY-IN 16 oz water bottles

BUY-IN 16 oz water bottles

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These 16 oz water bottles are ready for Sublimation.

This buy-in will start on February 20th and expected between March 31st and April 7th

Please take a screenshot of this expected date for your records.

Time and Temp Recommendations:

Temp: 360 - 385 for 6-7 minutes. Please keep in mind that every oven is different, but please note that I do not recommend 400 degrees for temp.

ATTENTION!!!! Please do not order RTS items and Buy-In items on the same order.  If you do, it is a lot of extra work for me and a seperate Shipping cost to mail two separate orders. (If you absolutely have to order together and need them shipped separately, please reach out to me. If you don't reach out, they will all ship at the time of the Buy-In

Thanksfor your understanding!